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Compliantly Optimize Healthcare Reimbursements

Denials and underpayments are defects in the revenue cycle that indicate a provider’s inability to comply with payer requirements or a payer’s inability to accurately pay a claim. CRN Healthcare Solutions works with practices to evaluate and implement lean process workflow denials management so that every dollar not paid which should have been paid is addressed and followed up.


HMA Pays $260 M for False Billing and Kickbacks

Health Management Associates, LLC (HMA), a hospital chain that has its headquarters in Naples, Florida will be paying over $260 million to avoid criminal and civil claims associated with a scheme to defraud the government of the United States. In this… For more,...

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Telehealth in Your Practice

Direct to Consumer/Patient When thinking about implementing telehealth in your practice, determine which platform will work best for your providers and patients. The market has consolidated into two major platforms, American Well and Teledoc… For more, read...

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Bundled Payments Reduce Care Cost

Bundled payments seem to be cutting healthcare costs. One of the salient goals of the Affordable Care Act was to bring down the cost of care. As a result, the federal government attempted to assist in reducing the cost of care by implementing a progra… For more,...

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Analysis: AMA Responds to E/M Proposal

The AMA sent a letter to the Administrator of CMS on August 27, 2018 with signatures from most of the medical societies and state medical societies with comments on the CMS proposal for the “Patients Over Paperwork” initiative. AMA Loves Paperwork Red… For more,...

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