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Compliantly Optimize Healthcare Reimbursements

Denials and underpayments are defects in the revenue cycle that indicate a provider’s inability to comply with payer requirements or a payer’s inability to accurately pay a claim. CRN Healthcare Solutions works with practices to evaluate and implement lean process workflow denials management so that every dollar not paid which should have been paid is addressed and followed up.


AAPC is All About Networking

I recently was asked what the value of local chapter meetings by a newly certified member was. I was a little taken back that she did not know the core value on which AAPC was founded, which is networking. Local chapters were key to AAPC, and they con… For more,...

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Prepare for HEALTHCON

HEALTHCON 2019 is two and a half weeks away and we are getting excited. It is that time of year when we get to get together with our fellow coding and billing professionals, many of… For more, read here: AAPC...

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Newly Certified? Find a Mentor

I received a lot of feedback from one of my blogs requesting assistance in finding a mentor for newly certified coders or billers. It is great to seek a mentor for your first years as a coder or biller, and it is encouraged by AAPC and most experienc… For more,...

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Where to Find Free and Low Cost CEUs

Everyone is always asking where to find free or low cost CEUs, especially when they are close to their renewal time. There are two places that you can find sources for free and low cost CEUs. The first is your account on the AAPC website. And, Jobs fo… For more,...

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