CRN Healthcare Solutions

Accurate Coding and Auditing services come from recognized national certifications and years of experience. With CRN Healthcare Solutions, your practice taps into the expertise of people with extensive experience in 34 specialties. CRN Healthcare Solutions provides a network of some of the top coding experts in the below to address organizations who need assistance with backlogs and employee shortages in both the short term and long term as well as to meet your compliance needs.

The CRN Healthcare Solutions network include Subject Matter Experts in the following specialties:

1. Allergy
2. Ambulance
3. Anesthesia
4. ASC – Coding
5. ASC – facility Coding
6. Cardiology
7. Cardiothoracic
8. Cosmetic
9. E/M
10. Emergency Department
11. Family Practice
13. General Surgery
13. Gastrointestinal
14. Gynecology (non-OB)
15. HCC Coding & Audits
16. Internal Medicine
17. Interventional Cardio
18. Interventional Rad
19. InPatient
20. Lab/Path
21. Neurosurgery
22. OB-Gyn
23. Oncology/hematology
24. Ophthalmology
25. Orthopedics
26. Otolaryngology
27. Pain Management
28. Pediatrics
29. Primary Care
30. Radiology
31. Rheumatology
32. Urology
33. Urgent Care
34. Wound Care

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