Compliance Services

Compliance Services

As a companion to our work as expert witnesses, we see the damage that an indictment for fraud and abuse, either civil or criminal can do to a medical practice or billing company. It not only costs money, but it costs time and risks the future health of the practice/company as well as can risk jail time for those involved.

Just as it is good to partake in preventative medicine, get immunizations and protect ourselves from possible future disease in our medical care, a Compliance Plan does the same for a medical practice and/or billing company. By committing the policies and procedures to writing, training and educating the staff, clearly defining the organizations mission and auditing the organizations progress, the practice/billing company will be protecting themselves from the errors that can lead to fraud and abuse prosecutions.

As important as it is to write and maintain a compliance plan, it is often difficult to step away from the day to day demands of the practice/company to get the work completed and maintained for the organization’s compliance plan. Canned and template compliance plans do not truly reflect how you do things and will easily be shown to be deficient. Practices/Billing Companies can get assistance with writing or updating their compliance plans in a cost effective manner by using the Compliance Coach method, using a consultant to assist, and guide the staff, much like an athletic trainer. Or, for the truly overwhelmed organizations, an experienced consultant can be retained to come in and assist in writing the full compliance plan consistent with how the organization processes operations. CRN Healthcare Solutions provides both these service, as a Compliance Coach or fully writing a custom compliance plan in conjunction with your staff to insure its accuracy.

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