Educational Services

CRN Healthcare Solutions provides education services to physicians, non physician practitioners (NPP), billing staff, coding staff, clinical staff, management, front desk and other employees who impacting the billing, documentation, coding and compliance of the practice.

Education is key to making sure the practice has the tools to optimize income in the current third party payer environment. The rules and processes change so often that staying current is one “weapon” that a practice can have to stay ahead of the continual challenges that are being thrown at the physicians, NPP and staff.

And although practices are tired of hearing about compliance, having an education program is the first step towards compliance. Compliance is a process and educating the key players means that your practice has at least started. If the practice does have a compliance program, the education for your practice is an integral part of that program.

CRN Healthcare Solutions provides education both in person as well as through the web. We can provide education in most specialties with a network of the top experts throughout the country. We deliver top quality education and resources.

Ultimately, not only is the practice protected from a compliance point of view, but well educated practices earn more money. Find out how!

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