Expert Witness Services with or without Testimony:

Barbara Cobuzzi iBarbara Cobuzzi is a highly experienced Expert Witness, assisting physicians, billing companies and payers in both civil and criminal actions related to revenue cycle, coding and compliance with medical billing regulations.

Using her extensive coding, compliance and billing background combined with her engineering mind to extract forensic analysis to provide superior expert reports that the legal team appreciates, as well as analysis that bolsters the legal team in the defense of the physician. Barbara often identifies key aspects of the evidence ahead of the legal team, citing key facets of the case that they did not observe that are of great significance to the case for the physician.

Barbara also has experience providing testimony in court, depositions, arbitration and before government bodies. She is able to succinctly state the facts, educate the judge and jury in areas to which they may be totally unfamiliar. Barbara can expertly simplify very complex systems and rules so that those who do not work in the fields of coding, documentation, compliance and reimbursement can first understand the issues at hand and second, understand the complexity that the physicians are dealing with. Barbara’s years as an educator and consultant to physicians and staff has prepared her well for the witness stand in her expert capacity.

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