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Compliantly Optimize Healthcare Reimbursements

Denials and underpayments are defects in the revenue cycle that indicate a provider’s inability to comply with payer requirements or a payer’s inability to accurately pay a claim. CRN Healthcare Solutions works with practices to evaluate and implement lean process workflow denials management so that every dollar not paid which should have been paid is addressed and followed up.


Michigan Surgeon Accused of $60M Billing Fraud

Bay City, Michigan surgeon Vasso Godiali, MD, was indicted on July 10, 2019, for allegedly orchestrating a $60 million healthcare fraud scheme. He is also charged with money laundering for financial transactions involving almost $50 million in proceed… For more,...

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Getting Inspire Therapy for Sleep Apnea Covered

Obstructive sleep apnea causes those who suffer from it to sleep poorly and always feel tired. Obstructive sleep apnea is also indicative for heart Inspire® therapy is a promising alternative to traditional treatment options for sleep apnea, but getting it covered...

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Billing 95165 Is Nothing to Sneeze At

The professional service of preparation and provision of antigens for allergen immunotherapy — reported using CPT® 95165 Professional services for the supervision of preparation and provision of antigens for allergen immunotherapy; single or multiple … For more,...

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Differentiate Separate Procedures with Modifiers 59 and X[ESPU]

When you have distinct, separate procedures, know which modifiers will get the claim paid in full. Modifier 59 Distinct procedural service acts as a “universal unbundling” modifier for procedures that are normally included as part of another procedur… For more,...

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